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Unmanned aerial vehicles "Punisher"

Illustration: #AnnaSarvira


The Ukrainian army uses drones for aerial surveillance, adjusting fire, and destroying enemy targets. There are never too many drones in war, so after the start of the Russian invasion in 2014, the ATO veterans from UA Dynamics decided to develop their own Punisher drones. They say none of their UAVs have been lost during combat tasks since 2016. 

These drones have a wingspan of 2.2 meters, can reach a height of 400 meters, carry 3kg of explosives, and cover a distance of 50km. Due to its low weight and small size, the Punisher is not afraid of enemy air defense. The drone can release three bombs or attack three targets simultaneously. At the same time, the accuracy of damage in this UAV is relatively high, so it doesn’t threaten the civilian population. 

The Punisher successfully passed trials and was approved for combat use by the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine in April 2022. It has been used mainly to hit stationary targets: fuel and ammunition storage and electronic and counter-electronic warfare. The Punisher has already been used to conduct more than 60 successful missions during the full-scale war. 

Three-quarters of UA Dynamics employees are veterans of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, with experience in conducting special operations deep behind enemy lines.

UA Dynamics provides the drone free of charge exclusively to the Ukrainian army.


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