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About the project

On February 24, 2022, a full-scale, unprecedented, and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine began. This terrible and senseless war is marked by extreme cruelty. Ukraine is suffering from the destruction of strategic facilities and infrastructure and horrifying losses among the civilian population. Several cities were utterly destroyed, forcing civilians to flee their homes. Millions of these people go abroad, tons seek refuge in other, safer regions of Ukraine. However, wherever Ukrainians find a place to stay, they continue to look for ways to support their fellow citizens, help with the accommodation of temporary refugees, help to find bulletproof vests for territorial defense forces, and help with humanitarian aid. Every Ukrainian today is fighting on their front for saving lives, our democracy, and the sovereignty of the state. Society has become a united ecosystem that fights the aggressor. In addition to city bombings, killings, and physical and psychological abuse, Russia is waging a fierce propaganda information war. The aggressor openly uses lies, manipulations, and fakes, which often deceives people, who cannot witness the actual situation in Ukraine themselves.


Today, every Ukrainian has stopped their activities and is fighting the attacker in any way they can to stop the destruction, killings, and propaganda. Ukraine has become a united mechanism in the fight against the aggressor: from the military with weapons to an artist with a pencil. Our project aims to tell the stories of people who became heroes for everyone with their courage, confidence, and love for their country. Everyone puts themselves in danger by providing for the basic needs of the population of Ukrainian cities and villages: IT engineers create applications that help people in danger, journalists instantly cover actual events, drivers carry food to remote locations, pharmacists continue working, volunteers rescue pets , managers, coordinate complex communications and so on. Everyone does an unreal job. There is nothing impossible for Ukrainians now. With this project, we want to record the great deeds, the suffering, and the stories of regular people who, despite fear, suffering, and uncertainty, are doing everything possible to stop this war and further work in developing Ukraine.




Oleg Gryshchenko

Artist, illustrator, art director. Co-founder and co-curator of Pictoric. Lecturer at the Department of Graphics at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.


Sofia Kryshtal

Manager of cultural and social projects. Many years of experience working with NGOs, local communities, as well as the reform process in Ukraine.


Anna Sarvira

Illustrator, art director. Co-founder and co-curator of Pictoric. Twice included in the list of 75 best illustrators in the world at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2017, 2019).


Olena Straranchuk

Graphic designer and illustrator. Co-founder and co-curator of Pictoric. Collaborates with Ukrainian and international organizations to create cultural and social projects.


Polina Limina

Editor, author of the publications "Profession: Artist. A book about Serhiy Yakutovych" and "Bozhena Chaharova. Dialectical Matrix", creative director of "War. Stories from Ukraine", communicator of cultural and scientific projects.


Переклад на французьку мову:

Марія Хомкович

Координаторка кінозйомок та перекладачка. Івент-менеджерка проєкту Babylon-Villeneuve


Anna Andreeva
Oleg Gryshchenko
Oksana Drachkovska
Anna Ivanenko
Mari Kinovych
Veronika Kotyk
Jenia Olijnyk

Jenia Polosina

Romana Ruban

Sofia Runova

Anna Sarvira

Olena Staranchuk

Julia Tveritina

Illia Uhnivenko

Daria Filippova

Maria Foya

Oleksandr Shatokhin

Alyona Shostko
Olga Shtonda
Tanya Yakunova

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