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Ukrainians formed queues at military commissariats

Illustration: #AnnaAndreeva


Not everyone who wanted to fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and defend the country was able to join the army. After all, in the first weeks of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, there were so many willing people that Ukrainians had to stand in long queues at military commissaries. Therefore, people without military experience and the necessary skills were enrolled in the last rounds of mobilization. 

As the war with Russia has been ongoing since 2014, a significant part of Ukrainians already had combat experience. They were called up first, along with reservists and contract soldiers. "Newbies" were usually enrolled in the Territorial Defense Forces or sent first to study at special centers. Grown men, young boys, women, and girls stood in the queues—all eager to fight for their country and defeat the enemy. Volunteers delivered tea, water and hot food, and relatives accompanied the soldiers to the front.

At the same time, there were queues in the military goods stores for clothing and equipment. Preparing for defence against the Russian army and the desire to be as well-prepared as possible for a struggle took a leading place in the lives of Ukrainians.


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