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Ukrainian anthem in the center of occupied Kherson

Illustration: #MashaFoya


Kherson continues to resist the enemy despite the occupation, persecution of activists and war crimes by the Russian military. The Ukrainians who remained in the occupied city don’t have the opportunity to go to protests, but they find other ways to express their position. For example, to drive through the central street with the national anthem of Ukraine at full volume, as famous Uncle Hrysha did in early July.

Uncle Hrysha is 74 years old, he has been volunteering since 2014 and also uses a wheelchair. Hryhoriy couldn’t stand aside when Russia occupied Crimea and part of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. So, eight years ago, he started going to the Ukrainian military, bringing them warm clothes and sweets. Together with other volunteers, he held children's concert programs in support of defenders. Thanks to the constant help of the army, Uncle Hrysha became one of the most famous Ukrainian volunteers, and was recognized as an Honorary Citizen of Kherson and received several awards for his charitable events.

The Russian occupiers didn’t frighten Uncle Hrysha. On his birthday, July 3, the man drove through the central and busy street of Kherson. Hryhoriy was wearing a traditional shirt the vyshyvanka, and the Ukrainian national anthem was playing loudly from the speaker. People around sang along and thanked the volunteer despite all the risks. They say that this is not the only occasion when Uncle Hrysha "attacked" the Russian military with Ukrainian songs.


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