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Students and teachers repair cars for the military

Illustration: #MariKinovych


More than 20 Lviv vocational schools participated in the repair of cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For repairs, they bring both cars from the EU, provided by volunteers, and cars that have already been at the front. It is necessary to change spare parts, carry out welding work, paint, patch holes, and sometimes bring the car to order from scratch.

During the four months of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Lviv schools managed to repair more than 100 cars. Some cars can be repaired in a few hours, others can take weeks. All work is done free of charge, sometimes volunteers help schools with materials for repairs.

Teachers approach the task responsibly and carefully monitor students: because transport is no less important than weapons at the front.

Therefore, volunteering becomes not only a practical activity for students under the supervision of teachers, but also an opportunity for teenagers to participate in the victory of Ukraine. After all, most vocational school students have not yet reached adulthood, but they really want to be useful to the country.


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