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«People’s Bayraktar»

Illustration: #MashaFoya


"Nothing is impossible for Ukrainians," said Serhiy Prytula after people’s donations for Bayraktar TB2. He is a public figure and a volunteer, whose charitable foundation launched the fundraising campaign. The fundraising of 500 million hryvnias (about 15 million dollars) was supposed to last a week, but in just three days Ukrainians donated more than 600 million.

Ukrainians donated despite the difficult economic situation that arose in Ukraine due to a full-scale attack by Russia. After all, the People's Bayraktar campaign was more about the feeling of unity and maintaining the fighting spirit in the conditions of war when the Russians committed many war crimes and terrorized the civilian population. Under such circumstances, it is important for a person to have the feeling that he or she can influence something or at least somehow help the army. Therefore, a drone that performs combat missions purchased with jointly collected funds is primarily a symbol of faith in victory and the country. Such actions also remind people that despite all the differences in political views, society is indivisible and has a common goal—victory.

Ultimately, the Turkish company Baykar, which produces UAVs, presented Ukraine with three drones. The saved funds were redistributed to other needs of the Armed Forces, and finally, Serhiy Prytula purchased the satellite and access to its data. Ukrainians saw once again that determination and unity are rewarded and appreciated worldwide.


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