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Lithuanians and Poles fundraise for Bayraktar for Ukrainians

Illustration: #AnnaAndreeva


The Bayraktar TB2 drone has become more than an effective weapon for Ukrainians in the war against Russia—it is also a sign of solidarity among different peoples. Thus, in three and a half days, citizens of Lithuania collected 5 million 950 thousand euros for a popular UAV for Ukraine. The pace of the gathering surprised even the organizers of the action: together with the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, they expected to attract 5 million people within 3 weeks.

However, the Lithuanians were so enamored with the idea of ​​helping Ukraine fight against the aggressor country that everyone, from ordinary people to the country's political elite, donated. Citizens of other countries also joined, but their number was no more than 7%.

Turkey, where Bayraktars are made, watched the unique gathering. Unexpectedly for everyone, the Turkish company decided to give away a drone. This generous gesture allowed the Lithuanians to spend the collected funds on other needs of Ukraine: purchase ammunition for Bayraktar, order other reconnaissance drones, anti-drone guns, and some secret wishes of the Ukrainian army.

Lithuania inspired a people’s fundraising company for drones in Ukraine (people have already donated for four drones, which were also presented by Turkey), as well as in Poland, Canada and Norway. In the second half of July, the Poles collected the necessary amount for the purchase of Bayraktars. Turkey gave them as a gift again.


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