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IT specialists raise money for drones

Illustration: #IliaUhnivenko


Raising 30 million hryvnias (approximately one million USD) for the army in one day sounds like a challenge. But this is quite realistic for Ukrainian IT specialists, who launched such a fundraising company in May 2022. The crowdfunding goal was to buy a PD-2 system — a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle designed for air reconnaissance and combat, to use as a carrier of bomb loads with a warhead weighing up to 3 kg. The system includes two aircraft and a car with a thermographic camera and other valuable things. The IT specialists were the first to decide to purchase a PD-2 for the Ukrainian military.

Over ten thousand people from the IT community donated money within one day. The smallest donation was only one hryvnia, and the largest was 150,000 hryvnias for one transaction. On average, people donated UAH 1,825 at a time.

The million dollars was transferred to the Come Back Alive charity foundation. This foundation is one of the most significant Ukrainian funds, which has been helping the Armed Forces since 2014 when Russia started a war in eastern Ukraine and occupied Crimea.


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