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Human shield to meet the russians

Illustration: #SophiaRunova


On February 28, 2022, the russian army first tried to enter the territory of the Zamhlai Okruh. They were met by the residents of the village and Oleksandr, the head of the village. People warned that they would lie down under the tanks to prevent the invaders. That time the russians left, the community began building barricades at the entrance to the village. Finally, everyone agreed on a plan of action: if the occupiers approached Zamhlai again, they would ring the bells, and then all the residents must go as a human shield to meet the russians.

On March 23, the bells rang: the russians came with heavy equipment and began dismantling the barricades. Oleksandr went to them, followed by a column of men and women behind them. Finally, everyone stopped in front of the barricades, and Oleksandr started negotiations: he tried to explain to the occupiers that no one was waiting for them. There are many older people and a boarding house in the village.

In response, the russians forcibly put a bag on the man's head, tied his hands, and took him to the basement of a school in a nearby village. Oleksandr was immediately interrogated: he was beaten on his legs, kidneys, liver, ears, face and threatened with mutilation. They tried to find out which units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were in the rear. The man spent a day and a half without food.

On March 25, Oleksandr was again put in a car and taken to representatives of local self-government. The mayor couldn't see the faces of his executioners because they were wearing balaclavas. Finally, he could ask why they invaded Ukraine on the way home. In response, he heard: "Don't worry, you will live as you used to. We will only change the leadership; we will change these Banderites."


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