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Grandma from Kropyvnytskyi buys socks for the military

Illustration: #JuliaTveritina


Lydiia's childhood fell in World War II. Now she is 82 years old, and her country is once again in a full-scale war. Every day in her native Kropyvnytskyi, a woman sees young men going to the front, and wants to help them somehow.

So the pensioner leaves the house every day and sits on a bench on the street nearby. She takes with her some stuff in good condition that she has preserved: handkerchiefs, napkins, and tablecloths. Neither old age nor health problems hinder her: Lidiia suffered a stroke and has speech problems. People around the world respond and buy things at this flea market. For one sale, Lydiia receives only up to 30 hryvnias (less than a dollar), but in two months, the pensioner was able to purchase 220 pairs of socks for Ukrainian defenders.

When a woman gives socks to soldiers on the street, they can be moved to tears by this act of kindness and care. When more people learned about the volunteers, the National Guard of Ukraine thanked Lydiia. Local National Guardsmen collected a food gift for the pensioner.

Lydiia is determined to help the army as long as she can.


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