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Child volunteers

Illustration: #AnnaAndreeva


Everyone is able to volunteer for the Armed Forces of Ukraine right now, regardless of their age. What can a child do? It turns out, there are many options. For example, children might sell flowers, books, toys, or handmade goods. Such campaigns were organized in Odesa, Pereiaslav, and Lviv. 

Young Andriy and Mahdalina offered tulips in March in the center of Lviv. The children saw how a girl from the Kropyvnytskyi had raised money for the Ukrainian army in this way. Their parents grew flowers, which Andriy and Mahdalina then sold at a negotiable price. People usually paid 100 to 1000 hryvnias for tulips. All donations went towards the purchase of bulletproof vests for the military.   

Other cities subsequently took the initiative. It was not limited to flowers: children from Pereiaslav also sold books and straw paintings, while small volunteers from Odesa offered passers-by their toys. They transferred donations to the army and internally displaced persons (IDPs). 

Unfortunately, not all Ukrainian children have such opportunities. Many families had to evacuate to other countries due to the Russian aggression. However, Ukrainians worldwide continue to volunteer because everyone wants Ukraine to win soon. For example, students from Chernihiv Oblast, who live in Switzerland now, began making Ukrainian talismans as angels. Locals could get one with a donation. All funds raised were used for the repair of home Chernihiv schools that suffered from Russian shelling during the siege of the city.


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