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Auto shops repair army vehicles for free

Illustration: #SophiaRunova


The car becomes expendable in the war: they often come under fire and are needed under extremely difficult conditions. So getting a working vehicle in short order is a matter of life and death for the military during active hostilities. Volunteers are actively buying cars for the Armed Forces abroad, but before sending them to the front line, it is necessary to make sure that the car will not break down at the most crucial moment.

Therefore, many service stations in different cities have joined the volunteer movement and carry out free diagnostics of cars for the army, and, if necessary, look for the necessary spare parts and repair cars. "If I'm not on the front line, at least let my work be there," says car mechanic Petro from Ivano-Frankivsk. The car service where he works has already managed to repair more than 70 cars as of the end of June.

Sometimes repairs can take up to a month, say mechanics from the service station in Rivne, who also repair cars for the Armed Forces free of charge. This happens due to the fact that spare parts are delivered from abroad slower than Ukraine needs them nowadays.

In Cherkasy, service station volunteers inspect the cars of not only military personnel, but also those of displaced persons. When people escape from shelling, their car is often in such a terrible condition that it is impossible to reach the final destination. Cherkasy mechanics help to find spare parts and consumables to restore the transport of displaced persons to a working condition.


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