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An entrepreneur produces ropes for the National Guard

Illustration: #IlliaUhnivenko


When equipment is damaged on the front line, it must be quickly delivered to the rear for repair. For this, the military needs reliable tow straps. Since 2014, Myron from Kharkiv has been making them at his company, after which he sends straps to the front. Ropes are made of polyester, so they are lighter, more compact, reliable and safer than metal counterparts. Some products can withstand a weight of up to 14 tons.

After the beginning of the full-scale war, Myron handed over 140 tow straps to the National Guard in Kharkiv. He makes these orders as a volunteer, but he makes them in order of priority. "We have to provide the army with everything we can. And it's good to do this," the man says. His employees also feel responsibility for the result and involvement in helping the military.

Myron is also developing new products that should be useful to the military. The company, together with National Guard specialists, produced in a test mode stretchers and straps for evacuating the wounded from the battlefield. Now the products are being tested, after which it will be possible to establish mass production. Later, Myron plans to create a reliable tourniquet to stop bleeding, because now volunteers are looking for quality samples abroad. For this, the businessman needs special equipment and technologies, as well as military consultations.


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