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A teacher from Georgia collected $700,000 for Ukraine

Illustration: #AnnaSarvira


When Russia launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, teacher Lado Apkhazawa from Chibati, a village in Georgia, sought to support the Ukrainians. All he could donate then was his late mother's ring and a commemorative coin of the Global Teacher Award, which is also called the Oscar for teachers. So Lado sold these important things for 2,500 lari (about 900 dollars) and wrote on his Facebook page: “Mom would be happy. I'm sorry, but I don't have anything else. Glory to Ukraine!".

The action of the Georgian teacher inspired educators from all over the world. Lado was able to organize a fundraising campaign to help schoolchildren and teachers of Ukraine. In a few months, 700,000 dollars arrived in the account, which Apkhazawa transferred to charity organizations.

When Lado transferred the money from the sale of his mother's ring and a commemorative coin to a Polish organization that helps Ukrainian displaced persons, the new owner returned the purchased items to the teacher.

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