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Ukrainian railway workers detained Russian soldiers

Illustration: #SophiaRunova


At the end of February 2022, a Russian BTR-80 (armoured personnel carrier) drove into the Sumy-Tovarna railway station (60 km from the border with Russia). One of the occupiers got out of the car to ask the Ukrainian railway workers how to get through. The chiefs of these two stations were just going around the tracks in order to detect enemy marks. They quickly gained insight and pointed in the direction of the raised track, where the invaders were to reach a dead end.

When the Russians got trapped, they had to get out of their BTR. Then the railway workers caught them: two occupiers were knocked to the ground, but another two managed to escape. Subsequently, the Ukrainians called the territorial defence of Sumy Oblast and handed them the captured Russian soldiers and their BTR. All of this without a single weapon to defend themselves. 

Now Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) plans to reward the workers who fought back the enemy with their bare hands.


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