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The number of volunteers is growing

Illustration: #AnnaIvanenko


Ukrainians looked for opportunities to be valid and help the army defend the country from the first days of the full-scale russian invasion. Therefore, there were long queues of people who wanted to become donors near the blood transfusion services. There were so many volunteers that hospitals didn’t have enough containers for blood collection. For example, if the blood transfusion service in Ternopil usually receives up to 40 visitors every day, at least 150 donors lined up at the door of the institution after February 24. People also waited several hours to donate blood in other cities in the winter cold.

Currently, regional hospitals have plenty of blood reserves for wounded military personnel and civilians. As the government of Ternopil Oblast reports, they have transferred 1,141 doses of blood to the east of Ukraine alone over the past three months. Their regional center collects about 16 liters of blood daily; the donation base includes 60,000 people. Meanwhile, the number of volunteers is constantly increasing.


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