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Letter to the front

Illustration: #JeniaPolosina


It would seem that everyone is used to communicating on social networks in 2022, and today's military maintains contact with their relatives thanks to smartphones even in hot spots. However, handwritten letters have acquired a special meaning: they are sent to defenders as a talisman, as a physical manifestation of gratitude for courage and self-sacrifice.

Children write letters to soldiers particularly often, because they are encouraged to do so in schools and kindergartens, and then teachers collectively send correspondence to the frontlines. Schoolchildren also add their drawings and, sometimes, hand-made crafts from playdough to their words of gratitude. Usually the following is written in letters:

"Thank you for a good night's sleep!" 

"You will forever remain our heroes" 

"Take care and come back alive" 

"I trust you like no one else!" 

"No Russian ship is scary with you" 

Letters can not only be sent by hand, but also uploaded to the special website Hello, soldier. It has already collected dozens of letters from Ukrainians, as well as photos, videos, drawings and poems. The founders of the site ask volunteers to print out the grateful messages and put them into humanitarian aid packages sent to the front. Thus, defenders will be provided not only with necessary things, but also with the understanding that they are respected and everybody is waiting for them in the rear.


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