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Humanitarian aid by appointment

Illustration: #AnnaIvanenko


20 bridges were destroyed in Chernihiv Oblast as a result of the fierce battles with Russian troops during March 2022. Because of this, it was almost impossible to get from Kyiv to Chernihiv by car, since this area is rich in rivers. At the same time, it was necessary to deliver food, medicines, and other humanitarian aid. Many cities and villages spent about a month under occupation, and Chernihiv itself was under siege. 

However, despite all the obstacles, some people found ways to drive where it seemed impossible. The volunteers recall Oleh, a.k.a. “Batman”, from the Territorial Defense Forces. He managed to get to Chernihiv even in the most challenging situations. He could call volunteers at 5 A.M. and say that he is now in Kyiv, in need of food, medicine, or cigarettes. It's time to pack everything in his bag—until 8 A.M. Then, he would return to Chernihiv along roads that few people knew. 

Volunteers even had doubts if Batman was delivering humanitarian aid as intended. Yet, they later saw the photographed evidence and wondered how he could manage it.


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