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Fundraising for children at concerts

Story: Ganna Gryniva

Illustration: #JuliaTveritina


Ganna has been living in Germany for many years, but she doesn't forget her Ukrainian origins. She performs jazz in Ukrainian and brings genuine authenticity to her work. In 2014, the artist traveled to different regions of Ukraine and collected ancient songs. Since the russian invasion of Ukraine began, the spread of native cultural heritage has become even more critical for Ganna.

On February 24, a manager of a Berlin club called her and offered to organize a charity evening. This was how Ganna began to perform with a specific focus on fundraising for Ukraine. First, she transferred the donations to the NGO Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V., which helps displaced persons and friends and family who volunteer in Ukraine. Later, a series of concerts were held in Denmark, where the singer performed folk songs and told the audience about Ukrainian culture, music, history, oppression inflicted by the Soviet Union, and the cultural diversity of today's Ukraine. These stories became a real discovery for many non-Ukrainians.

Furthermore, Ganna took care of displaced persons in Berlin: she met Ukrainians at the railway station, invited them to spend the night at her home, and helped with arrangements and documents. This talented musician also arranged concerts for people fleeing the war where the refugees could feel at home in the Motherland. She says that many people thank her after the performances and talk about the horrors they experienced.

Ganna had to cancel her concerts several times because the hosts didn't understand how inappropriate it was for Ukrainians to perform together with the citizens of the aggressor country, russia.

Despite all this, the artist continues to fight against Russian propaganda and tell foreigners the truth about Ukraine. Currently, she collects funds for children who have lost their parents and a friend's project, which builds new homes for people who were forced to evacuate from hot spots in the west of Ukraine.


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